Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Eat (a lot) plate

I completely loved the first night of my short summer course: Introduction to Food and Nutrition. I was totally engaged for the whole 3 hours, never looked at my watch, was brave and spoke up several times in discussions, even went first in the show and tell what you expect from the course overhead projection. Lesson 2 tomorrow is a practical experiment in the food lab - awesome! 

Our homework was to make a diary of the food we'd eaten on the Tuesday and then break it down into different groups to compare it to the eat well plate All was going well until I started to write down what I'd eaten and all I could think was oh my god it looks like I must spend all day eating. To be fair this would not be entirely inaccurate as I do spend a lot of time eating, but it's also a lot of fruit and nuts and other 'healthy' snacks. As I'm all about the sharing the following list is my food for the day. Don't judge me too harshly, I take after my pops and get really wobbly if I don't eat enough and I'm also always starving. Deep breath, here goes:

Weetabix with milk and 5 homegrown strawberries
Cup of tea

Green leaf salad with beetroot, feta, and walnuts
Flour tortilla wrap

5 bean chilli with rice and tortilla chips

Cereal bar with nuts and wholegrains
2 x dark chocolate mints
1 x oat biscuit
1 x fudge bar

Cups of tea
1 x morroccan herbal tea
1 x coffee

As it turns out I think this is quite an even spread of food and as far as the plate goes mine doesn't look too bad. I just have this awful feeling that when we have to show them in the class tomorrow everyone will be thinking, there goes the girl who eats ALL THE FOOD...

If you're sat at home being a bit judgey-wudgey whilst you read this, try making a list of the food you've eaten today. You might surprise yourself by how big the list is.

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