Saturday, 28 July 2012


It's been a while since I've been in blogland both to blog and to read blogs. I don't have a massively interesting reason why either, it just seems that time can sometimes be a tricky mother-effer. One minute it's there the next it's gone and 2 weeks have gone by without anything special being achieved. Nyeh, says I. I'm sure you haven't missed me that much. 

So what's new? What's happening? Well I'd like to say that it has stopped raining but if I look out of the window right now it's pouring down yet again. To be fair we have seen the sun and it's been rather fabby. I have even been out several times this week with bare legs and sandals - true bravery!

The Olympics have finally started. The opening ceremony took over the television schedule for 5 hours, count 'em, 5 hours! We rebelled and went to the cinema to watch The Angel's Share, a Ken Loach film about whiskey, drank wine and beer, and laughed out loud. We came home and switched the opening on to find out what it was all about. Seemed to be alright. Bit odd. Watched a few things today, the judo was quite exciting as was the 250km cycling - yikes bet they've got a sore bum :D Reckon I'll watch the gymnastics as well, must be cool to be that bendy. Oh and I'm hoping that the Swedish women's football team win as I've got them in the sweepstake at work. 

It's still endlessly raining in Seattle in the second series of The Killing

Bought a millionaire's raffle lottery ticket for home. Didn't win. Also bought one at work with 8 other people. If we've won we plan on doing a conga round the whole library before picking up our bags and heading home to pack for the round the world trip. By 9.10 on Monday my fate will be decided...

Sun is back out again now. Weird ass weather. 

Bought a pelmet top. Love it. Very flattering. Just need a special occasion to wear it now.

Went to school. Loved it. School's out for summer. Well apart from the assignment that I need to do but actually quite looking forward to that - bashing the books again. The future might mean going back to school on a full time basis so this has been a good 4 week taster. 

I'm sure there's been loads more but my brain is in go slow Saturday mode. Soonest...

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Librarian Girl said...

It almost never ever rains in Seattle like they constantly show in The Killing. I don't know why that bugged me so much.