Monday, 14 May 2012

It's only bloomin' holiday time!

So we're on holiday but not in the traditional sense of being away somewhere. We're off for a week but we're not away for the full week. We are away from tomorrow for a few days, cos we never can resist going somewhere new, but not the full week. Summing up: holiday time, woooooo! 

1st official day today because everyone else is at work (evil laugh) and we're not. Here's just a bit of what we got up to:

Some quality bench time is always my priority. The sun shone in the sun trap of our garden and I enjoyed the pretty flowers:

It was so warm I got to expose my very white fractured footsie to the (garden) world:
Whilst Wavey was busy doing this:
I was busy doing a lot of this:
 And enjoying bluebell-ville:
We ended the day's activities by finding our most favourite jeans shop hadn't closed all its stores and celebrated by buying 2 pairs of jeans each and a new pair of shoe-sies for my footsies:
We love holidays the bestest, we do! 

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