Friday, 18 May 2012

2 piece nightmare

After several weeks of procrastinating, walking past the rolled up old linoleum on the landing floor, and closing our eyes each time we went into the bathroom, we've finally made a start and have put the first few strokes of paint on the walls, ceiling, skirting boards. Is very exciting! Begone awful dark beige bathroom (including ceiling!) and begone rubbish patchy floor. Instead you will be replaced with lovely blue walls, white ceiling, and shiny gloss on all the woodwork. Oh and some very nice flooring too, once we make the full decision on which one we want. Phase 1 will be complete. Phase 2 involves tiles but that will come when we've saved up for them. 

To complete the fabulous looking bathroom also means searching for equally fabulous accessories. All I wanted was some nice bath mats to put next to the shower and the bath so that we don't splodge slippery wet foot prints all over the place. You'd think this would be an easy thing. Oh ho no fools, believe me it's not. Actually that's not strictly true, it probably is really easy if you like the whole 2 piece thing that means a bathmat and something to put round the base of your toilet. Quite why one needs something round the base of the toilet is completely beyond me and conjures up images of old lady bathrooms decorated in a tasteful peach with frilled curtains at the window and a frill or two on the shower curtain - barf! Safe to say that in this household, we don't want no 2 piece nonsense. We are not frilly folk. Yuck. Yack. Barf. And a bleurgh thrown in for good measure. 

It took about an hour. And searching on many different websites but I finally found something that we like, think are funky, of course will be put in the incorrect location despite what it may say, matchy-matching we also are not. There will be 2. But definitely not something that will go around the base of the toilet. I cannot say that enough times. Oh and whilst we're on the subject, charging £41 for something that gets wet splodgy feet all over it is fecking outrageous - robbing bar-stewards. 

Just the towels to look for now then....another nightmare cos they normally come in 4 or 5 pieces and include a teeny tiny towel for your Barbie cos there's no way that the flannel thingie will be in our bathroom. That and the mat round the toilet thingie are officially consigned to my room 101. Begone! 

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Librarian Girl said...

I hope you're taking some "before and after" photos!