Saturday, 26 May 2012

How old, take 2

In complete contradiction to the previous post today has been all about acting like a big kid. I woke up totally starving and demanded breakfast. The sun, oh the sun, is finally here and it's been hot hot hot! From getting up this morning until we came in for tea tonight I have been outside all day long and really had to be dragged in the house to make some tea. I've got very mucky feet as have been walking around barefoot for most of the day. Finally we decided to paint another coat on the bathroom but it's absolutely boiling up there so I did the decorating in my vest and knickers, just like when you forgot your PE kit at school *chuckles*

And you know what's best of all? Like all true kids I don't have to whine and whinge about having a bath to get clean as our boiler is broken yet again and we have no hot water - result! I'm pretending I'm at a festival except that I don't have to sleep in a tent and can go to sleep in my bed. With my mucky feet. Champion. 

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