Thursday, 3 May 2012


It's official, I'm not just a limpy gimpy, I have a gen-you-wine problem with my foot. After what was probably only about 5 minutes but felt like 5 years of thoroughly prodding, pressing, twisting, flexing, and more pressing does this hurt OH MY GOD *covers mouth with hand to avoid squealing out loud* examination, my doc has declared I have a hairline fracture of my metatarsal (not sure which one). 


Prescription: rest, elevation, icepack, ibuprofen, boyfriend waiting on me hand and foot (it's what he said!) 

So here I am. Off work but not sick. But can't be at work as can hardly walk and definitely can't drive. Tis a weird one for sure. I am following prescription but am also pottering. Have done the washing up. And put two loads of washing on. Had lunch with my mam, drank many cups of tea, watched some tv, done some reading, checked my emails. Tis a hard life to be sure. 

Today, tomorrow, long holiday weekend ahead. I'm hoping that's all it takes to sort it out. Better than 6 weeks in plaster. 6 weeks! I can't stay out of the world loop for 6 weeks! What would I do?! Totally unthinkable. Plus I'm not sure I have any shoes that would go with plaster cast...

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Librarian Girl said...

Oh no! Your poor footsie. Hope it heals right quick.