Sunday, 3 July 2011

Urrrrrrrgggghhhhh oink oink!

2 and a half weeks of eating 3 course meals, drinking copious amounts of wine and Alsace beer, the required icecream every day whilst on holiday rule, plus many many packets of crisps (cos they're easy when you're driving) means I feel a bit like this:

A big fat pig! Wavey and I have decided that it has to stop and we're determined now to be extra extra good and healthy. We've only been back a day but so far so good. It's been salad, cereal and fruit all the way. Yay! Plus we really really loved cycling when we were on holiday and I already have a bike. All we need is one for Wavey and then we can be off on little jaunts pedalling as fast as our little legs will take us.

But I tell you what. It was worth it! The food was lovely, the Lavender flavoured icecream was my favourite and the patisserie that the French make should really be called works of art cos they're so beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to eat, yum yum scrummy yum.

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fizz said...

Lavender icecream? Doesn't sound as good as cookies n cream!