Sunday, 17 July 2011


A fabulous friend called Jillybean has been doing this thing called CPD23. I don't really understand it all that much but it seems very worthy and professional so I thought I'd give it a go for the past week. My interpretation of it is that you talk about your achievements and your interactions and your presence on the web and in your professional circles. So here we go, Dizz achievements for the past week:
  1. spent the week wearing the usual array of fabulous outfits
  2. had huge hair one day, like properly huge. One of the upstairs peeps nearly did a double take as they approached the desk at the huge fluffball before them
  3. managed not to break a pair of shoes (HUGE achievement - do I get extra points?)
  4. gave excellent contributions in meetings (cheeky yet to the point comments - me be quiet for 16 weeks, you have got to be joking!)
  5. volunteered my services within the team to assist with the giant amount of work they have going on
  6. signed myself up for a Walking Challenge at work with 3 other buddies. Who can get the biggest number of minutes walking over a set period of time? I bet we can!
  7. Booked a long weekend to Liverpool in order to see the Magritte exhibition at the Tate as well as all the other sights the city has to offer, and found a potential holiday cottage in the Lake District for a week in late October/early November
  8. Wavey and I went up to Washington Arts Centre yesterday and were very busy learning circus skills such as plate spinning and juggling. Then I did stop-start animation and he did digital photography. We rounded off the morning enjoying a yummy lunch and a glass of real ale (beer - we heart you so)
  9. Got ourselves a V+ box which means we can now pause live telly (awesome!), record shows onto the box (we'll never miss another episode again!), and now have access to HD stuff. Methinks we will never return to normal telly again
  10. Dragged Wavey into the 21st century and he now has a smart phone, yay! We can Crackberry chat for free now and our calls will be free as via the same provider. Cool and economical, what more do you want!
  11. Bought a pair of scales. Jumped on, eeeked, declared ourselves reet fat knackers, and are now on target: weight loss *sad face* My own personal target is 1 stone. 14 whole pounds. Supermodel-dom here I come once that's come off...
  12. Dug up the BIGGEST root (more like a small tree!) from the front garden which means it's now completely clear and ready to start with whatever we're putting in there. Decision pending
  13. Made cornbread for the very first time. Looks exactly like Levi Roots says it should. Also made up a yummy chili for tonight's tea and homemade cereal bar for the rest of the week. Yummo
  14. Went to see Harry Potter 7.1...
  15. ...and booked tickets to see Harry Potter 7.2 for Monday night *squuuuueeeeeeaaaaal*
  16. Booked tickets for Imelda May in November
  17. Taken pee out of Fizz for geeky 3d glasses idea. Ask her. You too will be amused...
  18. Advanced to almost 1000 picarats in Professor Layton on my DS
  19. Resisted the urge to begin the French wine and finished off old stock first
  20. And finally...can't think of a finally. Isn't 19 enough for you?!
I'm not sure how all of the above would rate on the CPD scale, but in terms of a crackin' fun week it's right up there!

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