Monday, 11 July 2011

Busy brillo weekend

Eeeeh this weekend was fab! It started at 8.30 on Friday night when I went to pick up D and we headed to the Town Hall in our fair old town to see Morrissey! What a coup! I have no idea why he added Middlesbrough to his tour choice, but I say thank you very kindly sir as you were pretty awesome amazing. And he wore 3 different shirts! This photo shows him in his second shirt of the evening:

Saturday came around and I met up with my girlies for lunch/brunch thing in our local yummy deli that we've recently discovered. Fizz came along for the ride too which was just fabby, and we met Jillybean who was up for the weekend and T. We had a delicious first course and so of course we were obliged to get pudding too:

Coming back from our holiday and finding the garden the overgrown jungle that it has become made Wavey and I realise that 2 big gardens are just too much. So after much umm-ing and ahh-ing we've decided to pull all the plants up from the front garden and make a weeny rockery with alpine plants in one corner and who knows what in the rest of it. We've pulled up most of it already but this photo shows us in the beginning stages. Digging-tastic!

Also this appeared when were on holiday! All along I thought I was just growing a leafy green plant and then this amazing flower has appeared and it's just one of many. So pretty!

On Sunday whilst I went to see X-Men with Fizz (OH SO GOOD!) Wavey headed off to B&Q to buy man toys. First time he went he came back with some sort of power saw that looks to me like a giant carving knife. But when we both went the second time we came back with this wood shredder:

Oh it's ace! One of the big bushes we dug up from the front garden didn't even fill one big black bag with the chippings. This is possibly the best purchase we have ever made for a garden our size!

All in all a fabby weekend. Can't wait for the next one as this Saturday sees Wavey and I heading off to a circus skills training course...

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