Saturday, 2 July 2011

A quick pop

It's not often that you get the opportunity to pop in for a cuppa when someone lives 275 miles away. But today, coming back under the sea to Grande Bretagne, we were able to do that and catch up with the ever delightful Tizz. 90 minutes of non-stop, not pausing for breath talking and we popped right back to the car to head north. Thanks for the first proper cup of British tea (oh how I missed it!) and fabulous to see you, as always x

It's only 8.40pm and we're utterly pooped! A whole day pretty much in the car will do that for you. We are weary travellers my lovelies, weary indeedy. I think not too much longer and we'll be heading to bed-bobs in our own lovely bed *big sigh*

Quick recalculation is needed now that we've unpacked the car. Turns out that Wavey has been very sneaky and all along telling me that we would only buy 20 bottles and we'd just get these extra 3 to take us up to 20. Guess what? We've got 23! Eeep! Our dining room table looks like we're about to open a new French wine bar, yay!

So this tired traveller will drag the suitcases up the stairs, look at the mounds of washing and ironing (boo) and say a sleepy nite-nite to all.

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tizz said...

It was brilliant to see you both! Stop by any time..... xx