Friday, 29 July 2011

Calling at Kendal fest!

In about, oooh, one hour's time I will be getting picked up right at my very door, packing my very old, battered and filthy rucksack, plus one tent, one sleeping bag, one blow up mattress (must camp with style), and one very excited Dizz and D! Yep, it's festival time - yippeeeee! We are off to the sunny (hopefully!) Lake District for a weekend of music, merriment, and mud :D

A shout-out must go to the lovely Tizz as we are normally the festival buddies, but this year she was double booked and has had to go to deepest darkest Cornwall instead of a-festival-ing with lil ole me. I'm sure she is having a fabulous time and I'm sure I also will have a fabulous time but I'll miss you much, lovely x

This year's fest looks very exciting, haven't been to this one before so it's a whole new festival to experience. It's only a wee one and actually won best small festival last year. Blondie are closing the festival on Sunday night (OMG!) and there are many other cool bands that I can't wait to see. There's a library with a twist as it lets rock'n'roll bounce out of it all night, we have to dress up as beasts or monsters (face paints at the ready), and there's tonnes of other coolio stuff.

It's funny as when I was about 9 years old we went to the very same campsite where it was being held. My overwhelming memory from this was sleeping in a big blue and orange tent, on a blow up bed that kept on deflating...let's hope that doesn't happen this time as sleeping right on the ground at 36 ain't no fun!

Happy weekend to everyone! I will report back once we return to normal bed and non-camping shores. Keep your eyes peeled on the face-site as I'll probably be doing a few mobile uploads along the way. Bye-eeee!

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