Thursday, 6 January 2011

Can you keep it down, dear

This coldy-cold winter is turning us all into auld bids! After attacking the big ice and snow on the path over the Christmas holidays, I've done something to the general rib area which means I'm in pain! Like rubbish dull aching pain that just sits uncomfortably with you all day long. Bring on the ibuprofen diet! To go along with my aching ribs, my skin is taking a real battering so I've got ugly red patches all over my body, as well as red knuckles from the cold and dry patches in between each finger on both hands. I'm attempting to drink gallons of water each day to detox my body of all the alcohol and sugar consumption from the holidays so pretty much spend most of the day peeing. And my hair has gone barmy in its current growth spurt, although this is more to do with having crazy big hair than it is to do with being an auld bid.

So reeling off my list of complaints this morning, T joined in with her share of the aches and pains. And then another colleague. And then another until we found ourselves in some round robin of oooh this aches and ooooh isn't this cold awful...I tell you people, OLD BIDDIES! This is not good. None of us are really old. In fact we're all under 40. What's life going to be like when we're 80 if we're like this now? Sheesh!

This first week back at work is killing us all. I think if we were in much more positive frames of mind then we wouldn't be so bothered with our aches and pains. But we're tired and we're grumpy cos we had 11 days off where we got up late, didn't do very much at all, and stayed inside our warm houses. And now the alarm goes off at 6.30. We're having horrible bonkers days at work as deadlines mount up around our ears. And it's freezing at work and we're not wearing enough clothes cos we're still in holiday mode! I mean I could go on but you might all lose the will to live!

What we need is the weekend...what was that you say? One more day. Oh my, one more blessed day to get through before we can sleep late. And not have to do work. And stay inside our warm toasty houses. Ahhhhhh, roll on 5pm tomorrow as I will be banishing all my aches and pains and auld biddie-ness and will do a jig of joy to my beautiful home. Sing it with me folks, here comes the weekend joy joy!

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Anonymous said...

The way to solve those back to work blues......go to centre parcs like me!!!!