Sunday, 30 January 2011

Revision versus non-revision

Last night was party night! "Posh frocks and cocktails" party night to be precise! Totally inspired by our obsession with Mad Men, Wavey and I decided it would be fabulous to have a cocktail party to celebrate our birthdays. So I organised it in a good old fashioned way, sent out invites, asked people to RSVP, it was like a proper party and everything. And people really did go to town. It was fabulous to see how much effort people made, getting all dolled up and glamourous. Let's face it, we're total girlies and we LOVED the excuse to get posh frocked up. Wavey and G even got the black tie out, very fancy!

Wavey was really excited by the whole thing as he was designated barman for the evening. Took it all very seriously, researching which cocktails we were going to make, providing lots of variety of colour and taste. This was our menu:

And of course if you take these things seriously it means you study and practice and revise and research what goes into each cocktail, what the measures are, how they should be mixed or shaken...if only I'd done the class too. It came to one point in the party when Wavey was busy doing the socialising thing and peeps wanted cocktails. I was in the kitchen so had no choice, and really how hard can it be to follow the instructions with regards measures etc...erm all would have been well if I'd been using the correct end for each measure. As it was, the Cosmo I was serving up had ooh about 6 shots wonder people were pulling that urgh face, then whispering, yep it's lovely...brave souls are those who forged ahead and finished them!

All in all a lovely evening was had, very civilised indeedy. I felt really fabulous in my frock and manicured nails. Even if I did manage to smudge one of them before I'd even left the salon. And even if I did have a huge ladder in my very fine tights by the end of the night. Tis all part of the fun! We've got enough booze left over for another party so maybe we shouldn't paint over our jazzy new menu board too soon...

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