Wednesday, 16 June 2010

An old fashioned letter

Dearest Tizz,
Most sincere greetings on this, your birthday. One hopes you are having the most merry of times and that many tasteful and lovely gifts have fallen onto your doormat. Sadly as we well know, my kind gift is not one of those. The reason behind this is that it is still in the shop and not wrapped up in charming gift wrap and contained within a padded envelope. Hopefully once purchased, the horses will speed it to you immediately, and you will love it so.

Tis such a shame that we cannot be together on this lovely day. Truly, it makes me miss you more than ever when you are not in town for such a special occasion. We should be dressing in all our finery and attending dancing venues, where handsome young men will spin us round gaily and charm us with their witty...wit. I trust a visit is soon planned and such merriment will occur.

Until that time, please find my most fondest wishes to you,
Your loving friend,
Dizz x

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