Sunday, 13 June 2010

Not just raining...pouring!

Remember back to Christmas when I first moved in with Wavey and within a matter of days the boiler had broken, then the shower door, then the shower? Well it seems to be that time again. First of all there was dripping from the kitchen ceiling, drip drip drip. Then the washing machine broke. Whilst it was full of water. Put that with the bloody rotten weather where it is CONSTANTLY raining, and there's a whole lot of water going on!

So the ceiling dripping and the crack growing? It's not some freaky Dr Who story, it is in fact the shower leaking. Except Wavey's just taken up half the bathroom floor and it's totally dry so it must be something to do with the pipework. Which means getting Mr Plumber in to come and take the shower unit to pieces and see what's going on there. Boooo. Cos that means lots of money in Mr Plumber's back pocket.

The washing machine was a bit of a mare. Wavey's work uniform was essentially being held hostage by our busted washing machine. First thing yesterday morning saw us armed with our washing up bowl and a jug. Wavey tipped it back and we cautiously opened the door and began the task of emptying it. About 20 bowls later we were down to the last dregs and the very dripping clothes were draped over the washing line (thank god for the sunny day!) It's the second time that it's busted in a matter of weeks which is a bit of a hint really isn't it - get a new one. This meant a visit to Evil Park, the out of town shopping complex. Ugh *shudder* and not just once but twice! First of all we went to have a look round and pick a model. Then we came home and did the interwebby research to see if we could get it cheaper elsewhere. Turned out not so we reserved it and went to pick it up. I tried chatting up the bloke at the desk to see if he'd let one of his staff come with us to help get it out of the car at the other end, but having Wavey by my side kind of put a bit of a dampener on the flirting, ho hum. So we comes home and it's me and him. Good job I'm not a weakling as between us both we managed to get it on out of the car, carry it up the two steps and down the path into the house and then drag it through the house. It's currently on its final minutes of the test spin and then we can wash our many mounds of laundry. It's so exciting: it's digital! And it's energy A which means it's super efficient. It only uses cold water which is better for the environment. And (hopefully) it will continue to work for many years to come!

Oh and I forgot to mention that the front door is busted too so that's another one to add to the list. And the toaster is doing funny things. And my ipod keeps playing silly buggers and crashing every now and then. And the open button the stereo has to be pressed about 4 times before the tray opens. Why? Why does everything break down at the same time?!

We had holiday plans for later in September. Initially we were going to go to France and do camping again. Then when the door broke we thought, hmm maybe we'll look for somewhere in England. Today we made a decision that we can't actually afford to go away at all. But we've got two weeks off work to look forward to and we'll do days out and maybe a couple of days in a B&B in the Lakes or the Dales. Sometimes it's so pants being an adult! When you're a kid it's down to someone else to worry about this kind of crap.

I hear the sound of silence (well apart from the Grand Prix on the tv) which means the washer is done. Does it make me a wee bit sad to be excited by the digital display...and the energy A certificate...and being kind to the environment? Well yah boo! Who cares? I'm off to look at the shiny newness again.

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Librarian Girl said...

I totally get that excitement. TOTALLY.