Tuesday, 29 June 2010


It's beginning to look like the looooong saga of preparing my old house for renting may finally be over. I'd said the 1st July for the agents to start showing the tenants round so was a little surprised to find myself having to make big scary decisions yesterday afternoon at 4pm. Before me was placed a very tempting offer...with a few demands to go with it. My first instinct was to panic and instantly say no to everything. But leaving work and walking the streets of town towards the bus station I realised that I had to be sensible here. Yes it was scary. Yes I was internally eeek-ing and yikes-ing all over the place, but it was time for big grown up stuff and only I could make the decision. A crazy hour of phone calls back and forth and pounding hearts and sweaty palms later I had me a deal. If said deal comes off, and all the necessary certificates and references work out, playing hardball has got me a tenant willing to pay 6 months rent up front, with the plans to stay long term and pay 6 months up front each time. Okay so she wants to make a couple of changes which worry me slightly (plasma tv on the old walls anyone?!) but I learned a very important lesson yesterday: that not everyone lives life the same as me. Like durrrrr!

Bear with me, I think I have to explain that. In my head, I very naively thought that my perfect tenant would be just like me. They'd live like me, they'd be happy with the things in the house like I was, they'd want to use the house in the same way I did with the furniture laid out just the same...you see where I'm going with this - la la land. What a doofus!! It was only when the offer was placed on the table right in front of me that I realised that's never going to happen! People will want to erect giant televisions on old walls and might not be happy with that green carpet in the spare bedroom...to be honest I never really was myself but it was a perfectly functional carpet, not worn, not damaged, just not beige either. I feel a bit foolish for admitting the above to be honest but sometimes foolish is how it is. Anyway, all readers please keep fingers crossed that all goes according to plan and soon I shall be Landlady Dizz extraordinaire!

In other news:
  1. Wavey and I continue to do our best to systematically destroy the house and its contents. Broken glasses, broken bedside lights, pulling handles off fridge doors, shower still leaking, crash bang wallop...ooops!
  2. Moving a washing machine from the back garden down a pitch black alley in the rain at 10.30 in the pm is not the best idea. However, should you enjoy random fits of giggles and trying to walk a very slippy appliance step by painstaking step, then I'd recommend it as a fun filled half hour...
  3. The sun has been gloriously shining here. Until last night when it rained so hard it woke me up at 5am! Hopefully the sun sun sun will return as I'm hearting the summer wardrobe and flipflops muchly
  4. Eating veg grown lovingly by us is just THE BEST! We made a sweet potato and pea (right out of the pod!) curry for tea which was deeelish-us!
  5. Work is pants, bor-ring!
  6. In 2 weeks time Tizz and I will be jetting off to our summer festival. Exciting! Have only just remembered that last year T&G took quite a lot of my stuff for me so the load was light. Sadly this year they're not coming with, so should you happen to see some big haired pack horse type person struggling under the weight of a tent and double blow up bed, take sympathy, lend a hand or two. And oh PS: Florence and the Machine OMG *squeeeeal*
  7. Maximo Park on Friday for Jillybean's birthday, aren't they so kind to playing us a gig just for her...wonder if we can get them to sing Happy Birthday...

That's all folks! Ta-ta.

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