Friday, 18 June 2010

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It's been rather a taxing work week. We were due to switch from one version of something to other, there were promises made, "seamless...smooth..." lies! Smooth my arse! Problem-city as soon as the switch was flicked. My job share partner was sunning it in Spain (nice for some) so it was just little ole me trying to deal with all this stuff. And it might have been okay if I hadn't been drowning in techie geek speak. Seriously, there was so much jargon flying round and it's really hard when they think they're being perfectly straightforward, but to my ears, it was so foreign it was practically alien. DSN, IDP, entity, WAYFless, apache tomcat...STOP!

My favoured facial expression of the week has been a blank face. Followed by a furrowed brow. And much muttering under my breath. Oh and a few healthy expletives for good measure. Plus a lot of chuntering that the extra blimmin' 40 quid a month they're paying me for this is seriously not enough to put up with this kind of crap...ahem, well you know what I mean. They want me to help with this stuff they have to bring it down to my level, speak to me in terms that I understand pur-lease! By the end of day 1 I'd been on google so many times to put in the next baffling word, and to be honest, I still didn't really get what it was they were on about. Ho-hum. Mucho frustration and feeling a bit stoopid, not at all a state I enjoy.

But! It's Friday now therefore the weekend, yay! And on my Monday my job share partner returns and I can dump all this stuff on her desk, double yay!

As a small aside, my head really has been in the shed. I know this from my comedy typo of the week to D: maybe we can meet up after work and crap a coffee...erm, hello? Crap a coffee! Ooops!

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