Sunday, 15 November 2009

Wanna see my puppies?

A long long time ago I blogged about my dream of having one or two little dogs, I even got as far as working out names for them: they were to be called Basil and Chewbacca. About two weeks ago two tiny little furballs came into the world, already saddled with these cute but probably inappropriate names. And this weekend I went to visit them for the first time. They still haven't opened their eyes and they can't walk yet but they already have definite characters - Chewbacca is a bit of a boisterous boy but Basil is just chilled and laid back, totally unlike his namesake (Basil Fawlty).

So, here they are... introducing Basil and Chewy!

They look like teeny tiny rottweilers at the moment, but they are actually yorkshire terriers, this is their mum, Sian.

Sian is pretty small and so is their dad, so it's likely that Basil and Chewy will be fairly dinky too. I can't believe how small they are at the moment, but apparently they're already twice the size they were when they were born. Incredible.

I don't want to sicken you blog readers with gooey loviness, but aren't they adorable! Their favourite thing is to crawl inside my top and compete for a spot just above my heart. They also love having their tummies rubbed. Their paws are so soft and velvety, and you should see how cute they are when they yawn! I can't wait to have them with me all the time.

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Librarian Girl said...

SO CUTE. Ouch. It hurts.