Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I was sat on the train this morning, and rather than have my nose buried in my book which is the usual thing, I decided I'd enjoy some choons and gaze out of the window. I spotted a big trampoline and thought, oh look, there's one like my grotbags have but without any sides...oh and there's another one...and another one...and then I couldn't help myself, I was counting. And do you know how many I saw? 11. Yep, on that short 20 minute journey I went past 11 giant trampolines! Some of them had the netting covers, some of them were just open, 3 were right next door to each other - I had visions of the kids playing on them and chatting over the garden fence - up down bounce up down chat up down bounce up down gossip...but I think the oddest one of all had to be the one that was seemingly abandonned right in the middle of a giant field. The only other occupant of the field was a horse. Now I know horses are intelligent beings, and I'm sure they require lots of exercise, but trampolining? How? Why? What??

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Anonymous said...

Hehe! I always count the backyard trampolines from the train too! I've only ever seen one child using them though, but she did wave at the train as she bounced in and out of view!