Sunday, 7 December 2014

It's a 90s thing

The whole 90s thing started on Monday. D came over for 'dinner and a movie' (the classic second date). We ate leftover 3 bean and 2 going off peppers chilli (based on a 5 bean recipe but I was short by 2 beans) and scrolled through Netflix deciding what to watch. We landed on Empire Records. It's a classic... Besides which we really wanted to watch something with Renee Zellwegger to compare her original face with the new version that has been splashed all over the social medias. Let's just stop for a moment to say wow, and more pressingly, why? But that's a debate for a whole other blog post. 

Back to the 90s then. Empire Records, such a fine movie. The music, the clothes, the boots, the curtains in the hair, ah heady days. Takes me back to art college where me and D first met all those many moons ago. And we totally knew someone who had exactly the same curtains in their hair! Good times, both the 90s and Monday night dinner and a movie date. 

Fast forward to today and I chose yet another 90s movie for doing the ironing to. Step up Clueless. LOVE IT! Netflix is full of awesome 90s films, I've already added The Craft and will probably be heading off there any minute to see what else I can add to my list. I really want to watch Mystic Pizza again but that's not available, sad times. Me and my sis watched that obsessively over about 2 months, SO GOOD! Long may the 90s revival continue. 

Speaking of 90s revivals, my hair is taking a trip back down to that very time in history. I'm having major issues with my scalp so have basically stopped using any products on it to try to make it better. Oh boy, it's big and wild and kind of looks like when I used to brush it everyday. I haven't brushed my hair since about 1997 so it's not a look I'm enjoying. Maybe I need me a hat like from Blossom to cover's almost time for a new fashion season, I'm making it my mission to bring back the 90s! Who's with me?

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