Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Days 14-17: oops

I think that is what is known as a daily blogging fail. I'm not even going to make up any excuses. First we had a family emergency, and then frankly, all kinds of other shit happened and blogging was the last thing on my mind. Now who doesn't appreciate a bit of frank honesty?! 

But quick, let us lighten the mood somewhat with a list of Christmas-sy questions that have been running through my head the last few days. 

1. Egg-nog. Is it actually made with eggs? I've never much fancied trying it, mainly because in my head I think it will taste like a melted down egg custard tart. Is this true? Can anyone tell me what it really tastes like?

2. Bruce Springsteen does a Christmas song? I heard it on the radio this morning for absolutely the first time in my life ever. Why has this never appeared on any Christmas albums?

3. Why haven't Radio 1 played Fairytale of New York yet? This is when it truly feels like Christmas to me. All together now, 'you scumbag you maggot...'

4. Will the turkey we've ordered fit in the fridge?

5. Repeat of above, except replace fridge with oven. 

6. Should we start cooking the sprouts now to ensure they are sufficiently done for our older dinner companions...? (cheeky...) 

7. Are all the You Tubers who are doing Vlogmas sponsored by Starbucks? They all seem to go there all the time and they always seem to order the egg-nog latte - refer to question 1. If I was doing Vlogmas and could afford to buy coffee everyday I would go to Espresso 10 in Middlesbrough as it is absolutely positively the best coffee in this area. And I've tried a lot. I do not darken the doors of Starbucks. Peh peh peh!

8. Will the 'Penguins' film I am going to see tomorrow make me chortle? I do hope so. 

9. Will I ever get all the presents wrapped...?

10. And finally, should WE try and do a Vlogmas for Christmas Eve? And by we I mean me and Tizz and Wavey, as Fizz is going over the borders to her homeland and will be trying not to freeze her tatties off. Will anyone be able to understand our North-East England accents? 

Fun times will surely be to follow. Stay tuned...

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