Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas lessons

Just like the 12 days of Christmas, the 'tiny flat does Christmas' has revealed 12 Christmas lessons:
  1.  It was confirmed once again that drinking copius amounts of wine and letting 3 rather merry people loose with a bunch of coloured icing will result in a fabulous Christmas cake that may yet make it to 'legend' status
  2. Delia really is your only guide at Christmas. All those others - total waste of space...
  3. Washing turkey giblets in your bare hands is a sure fire way to make you feel rather nauseous (or was it the copius amounts of wine?)
  4.  Instructions should be read VERY carefully. Turns out the 2 tablespoons were for the flour and not all those valuable turkey juices - gravy fail
  5. Snowmen noses will not stick to the top of cupcakes by just pressing them in. Icing glue is required. You're welcome
  6. Attending two parties in one day is totally do-able, even when one of them requires a cross-country drive of 2.5 hours each way
  7. Red wine actually goes really well with turkey - pah to wine experts who say it must be white or nothing! 
  8. All those people chuntering about what we pay our television licence fee for are totally right - festive telly fail
  9. Thank god for Netflix (refer to lesson 8)
  10. The She and Him Christmas album is the best. I'm accepting no arguments. Frooooooosty window paaaaane...
  11. If you wait to go food shopping til 3 days before Christmas, the supermarket will have reduced all their gift tags and baubles to 30p. WHAT? That is like 3p per tag - crazy days people, crazy days
  12. Free range bronze turkeys might cost an effin fortune, but all those tasty 'erbs that they munched on throughout the year certainly made for a delicious feast! 
It's a bit late to say, but Merry Christmas once again. Hope you had a good'un! 

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