Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Day 31: Farewell to 2014

What a year. Seriously, what a bloomin' year! If I was to focus entirely on the negative I would tell you it's been tough, long, taken on the form of some kind of endurance test, kicked our butts, and generally worn us down. But! I make it my aim in life to always find the silver lining. So here they are, the silver linings that provided the laughs, the loves, and the warm snugglies. 

Category: houses. We sold, we moved out, we now live in rented, we're still waiting for a date to move in. Let's take a moment to remember the garden and get excited for our new one:

Category: stuff what we did. We were very fortunate to get to see some arty farty type things this year. That makes me very happy and reminds me of days from yonder when I lived in fair London town and would go to an art exhibition every week.

Category: trippy trips. Compared to some very fortunate years in the past we didn't go on many jolly holi-bobs this year, but compared to those less fortunate than us we did pretty well really. More please for next year though, cos we love holidays. 

Category: Christmas. Long story cut extremely short: we didn't get to move into our house for Christmas. But we most certainly made the best of it and we had a really rather fabulous day in the tiny flat. And we only broke the front off a drawer. This friends, is called success! 

Category: free stuff. Yet again my Pops came through with a ticket to his annual vintage car shindig. We had a crackin' day watching all the racing, eating all the donuts, and generally tromping around a racetrack. 

Category: our peeps. Last but definitely not least, and yes, let's just take a moment to be sloppy, I genuinely don't think we would have made it through this year without each other and all our very lovely peeps. I know that I am a very lucky girl indeed to be surrounded by such amazing people. Some of them are camera shy but here's a couple of photos of me and Tizz who came home for AGES at Christmas which was just the best. 

Category: 2015. Lots of things to do, places to go, people to see. I am very much looking forward to 2015. Happy New Year to you all too! Kisses! 

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