Sunday, 12 October 2014

Stomping on cancer

As most people know it's been a tough old year in the Wavey/Dizz (Dwavey?!) household. The year started badly as first Wavey's brother and then his dad died, both from cancer. The impact of this awful disease reaches so far and has touched so many people that we know, in so many ways. We realised this even more so when one of our lovely friends from our theatre group was diagnosed with breast cancer at only 42 years old. It was about the same time that I saw a March on Cancer being advertised, a fund raiser, where across 16 cities in England, people would all march together in the fight against cancer. That is a very worthy cause indeedy, or words to that effect were uttered, and moments later we were signed up. 

Last night was the big night. Our march was in Newcastle, which is a big northern city just up the road from our fair town. We booked a night in a hotel and decided to make a real night of the march. There were well over 2000 people marching and we made a pretty impressive sight stomping along the quayside with our placards held high, and drums, and chanting. The various residents came out to support us, cheering us and clapping, and some delightful ladies in one hotel even showed us their support by flashing various parts of their anatomy, which I'm sure you can imagine raised several wolf whistles and jeering from the marchers. 

The whole experience was special and emotional and slightly overwhelming. There were several times when the lump in my throat was the size of a tennis ball and I hoped that no-one asked me anything cos I couldn't speak. But we're so glad we did it! It was the first of its kind and I'm sure it will lead to many more in years to come. 

The setting was pretty magical as well with all the sparkly lights, so here's a few images of the night. Some are good, some are blurry, but they all reflect what was well and truly a great night! 


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