Thursday, 16 October 2014

1 job, 2 jobs, 3 jobs, more

The last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting in the world of work. There was something in the pipeline for quite a while but I didn't really want to talk about it in case it all went horribly wrong and I looked like a fool for putting it out there for all to read. But, in a rare turnaround of events, it's not gone wrong, in fact, it's gone very right indeed! 

So I have one job. That one is 18.5 hours per week, it's steady, it's reliable, it's not a lot of fun. In fact, it borders on being as grim as libraryland quite a lot of the time so I don't really dwell too much on it. I go in, do my thing, come home and try to curb the ranting (deja vu anyone?), and count down the days until the rest of my week starts. 

The rest of my week? Oh happy days. I am now working with a friend who has his own consultancy business. I've been brought on board as an 'Associate' (get me!) and essentially I am responsible for social media management, project work, some research, some admin...basically whatever I can help out with. I am, to say the least, utterly delighted. I get to work from home, I'm not involved in any backstabbing or office politics bitchiness, our meetings are incredibly productive and it's all about energy and enthusiasm and feeling passionate about what we can offer people. In other words, I get to be exactly who and what I want to be. All those inspirational quotes that people are throwing around - totally feeling them. All of them. Brave new world indeed. 

That makes 2 jobs. My third job is not really a job as I don't get paid, but it's also all about the enthusiasm and being passionate and generally enjoying myself at work. Say what? Love my job? Never thought I would utter those words! That job is at my theatre group where in the last year I've gently nudged (read: forced) them to jump into the 21st century with all the feet in the place (and that's a whole lotta feet) and we've made leaps and bounds on social media platforms and general awareness building of the group. This week I've made a major accomplishment and encouraged them to support a local online ticket agent (very similar to those we shall not name who offer similar services). I met this guy at a networking event for job #1 but I am all about the sharing and felt like he would be perfect for the theatre. Several emails, an awkward demo, and much frowning and chin stroking later, a decision was made - we're supporting local. Yay! Once again I am delighted. 

This strange feeling is odd. I'm not used to it. I'm used to negativity and moaning and frustration - don't get me wrong, that is all still there for 2.5 days of the week but the rest of it - oh my. Who knew you could feel this good about your work? Even though I'm mega busy and my head is whirling with all the thoughts and my to-do list is so big I used up almost a whole notebook, I am loving the buzz and energy. 

I'm going to say it really quietly so that I don't curse it, but I want this to be my every working day. Hopefully it will be sometime soon in the future. 

I never would have thought when I left libraryland that it would prove to be such a turning point. Big style. Beyond big. Huge. Long may it continue...

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tizz said...

I am so happy for you! You really deserve it after all your hard work. Xxx