Monday, 13 October 2014

Catch as catch can by Daniel Buren

We woke up in the Toon (Newcastle) to yet another glorious sunny day. We had one plan in mind and that was to head to the Baltic to see some light exhibition that I had read about on a blog somewhere. I literally had no idea quite how magical it was going to be! 

We were almost the first people through the door as it opened at 10am. Very rare to find us out and about so early. But it was well worth it as we practically had the place to ourselves. the 'some light exhibition' that I had read about was actually beautiful and magical and fun and whimsical, and even a bit trippy. Daniel Buren designs each exhibition in situ so it is created entirely for each space. He truly couldn't have chosen somewhere better for this light play with mirrors. The early sun meant that the colours bounced lightly off the walls, casting rainbows onto the floor and walls as I pretty much walked about with my mouth agape. 

The photos don't really do it justice at all. I could have spent all day in there just watching the light change but sadly Wavey was flying to Berlin today so we only had an hour to spare. Definitely the best hour ever, and even more so when we discovered that today was the last day for us to see the exhibition. Sheer luck!

Obviously I can't tell you to go and see this one as it's over now, but I would highly recommend should you ever get the opportunity to see any of Daniel Buren's work. I am definitely going to be doing some more research into him.

I spent the rest of the day mooching round the Toon, trying not to spend my whole bank balance in John Lewis's beauty hall, and enjoying the gorgeous Autumn day and bright blue sky. What a crackin' weekend. 


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