Thursday, 9 January 2014

Glory Be/Meltdown

I'll start off with the bad stuff that I'm ashamed of first before moving onto the good things that involve the praise.

Today I shouted at one of my group members. I gave in to the frustration that I battle with on an almost daily basis as I wait (10 days late and counting) for the element of the assignment that this person is working on. It wasn't big and it certainly wasn't clever, but it definitely cleared the air. But oh, I felt ashamed. I consider myself a patient person, it takes a whole lot before I snap. Now I know that waiting on something for 10 days (and still waiting I might add) when you have deadlines looming large is the thing that will do it. 

The funny thing is that afterwards this person thanked me for being honest, and we cracked a joke or two about heads getting chopped off, and then it was like it had never happened, we were exactly back to normal. I sent a message when I got home to my other team member apologising to them, that I shouldn't have shouted, it was wrong and it won't happen again. This other person sent me back a lovely text saying I was right to shout and then told me they love me! 

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Something like that anyway. 

Moving on. New balls. How flippin' wonderful is online food shopping?! Each week I log on, I fill my virtual trolley, and then like magic, poof! it appears at my door, usually with a very jolly delivery man chitting the chat. I was telling today's driver how brilliant online shopping is and he told me a tale that literally filled my heart with joy. He delivers to one old lady whose son orders her online shop all the way in New Zealand so that his little old Ma doesn't have to struggle with all the bags from the supermarket. Isn't that just the nicest thing? I almost shed a tear, it warmed my heart so. Must be the stress getting to me or something... *gruff manly coughing type noise*

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