Sunday, 19 January 2014

Discovery of the week

My town is just a little town. It's very far removed from a bustling city metropolis. In truth, it's a little sad and down at heel and being based in the North East of England has never truly recovered from the first major recession in the 1970s. This means things that might seem like nothing in bigger and brighter towns generate big excitement in me. Imagine then my delight as I was walking through the local market and came across my discovery of the week - a cheese shop! A shop entirely dedicated to cheese! Just cheese! In a shop! Utter delight.

Of course we stopped to have a look. Of course we ended up buying some goats cheese. Of course we had to stop ourselves from buying any more as we already had quite a lot of cheese at home. We love cheese we do. The owner told us she has only been there for 8 days, and she's hoping to branch out into charcuterie as she knows someone who home cures, and there was a huge range of olives and crackers and other delicious delights. I've already told two other cheese fiends and now I'm telling the world! 

And the goats cheese is absolutely bloomin' delicious. 

And so I present my discovery of the week: Earls of Ashwood Cheese Shop 

Should you ever find yourself in Spencer Market in Stockton-on-Tees I highly recommend stopping off, have a chat with the lovely lady owner who is clearly a cheese fiend, and take home some yummy cheese delights.

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