Friday, 22 November 2013


After a crazy couple of weeks where I've spent most of my time sat in a freezing cold 'corner' of the university, I got to spend a day at home today. Sat in front of my laptop of course. What's that? Do no work? I wish! 

I've just got round to catching up on all my emails and literally every single one I opened was about Christmas! It's fair to say that I love Christmas, I am in no way, shape, or form, Scrooge-like about it at all but all those emails were just a wee bit too much. Maybe it's because this year, when I don't have so much money, I'm really feeling the commercial overload that it has become. Buy this for a million pounds and we'll give you a £5 off coupon! Spend £650 on this handbag just cos it's from a posh shop in Chelsea (how did I ever get on that mailing list?!) What is this madness? Even from lovely skincare people that I respect massively for their ethics, emails are coming every day with offers. It's literally bonkers! What is going on? 

For the past few years we have been lucky to receive homemade gifts from the lovely Fizz. These gifts are always so special and unique and so perfect for us, I have found each one very touching, even the utterly crazy glove scarf! We recently started to return the favour, although not with quite as much skill or talent. I am completely stealing the notion of homemade gifts this year and will be spending a lot of time getting crafty in the kitchen. We're telling people who normally buy us gifts that we are scaling down and going very low key, and hoping that they understand our homemade gifts are not us being mean with money, nor are we making any sort of statement about commercial overload. It just feels like a low key, no fuss kind of year. 

And I'm making gifts out of chocolate, enough said really.

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