Sunday, 10 November 2013

Le weekend - a quiet one

Compared to last weekend this one has mainly been centred around home. Wavey is away a lot at the moment, like a whole lot, so him coming home is definitely something that we both look forward to and anticipate as the weekends crawl closer. I guess what I'm trying to say is that a few weekends spent just being at home ain't a bad thing. 

Saying all that we started the weekend by going out on Friday night. We love a bargain we do, so who could resist a bargain food voucher within our own village?! Can I say bargain again as it truly was. For a crackin' £4.50 each we enjoyed: a bowl of chili, garlic bread, cajun chicken, chicken wings, BBQ ribs, onion rings, bit of rocket for some green stuff, yummy dips, and all topped off with a glass of vino. Steal! We couldn't stop there though and added a delicious ice cream sundae and a cheeky bottle of beer to the mix. All that and we were home in time for S.H.I.E.L.D. Yay!

The foodie-ness continued as we headed to theatre for a bit of painting everything white whilst enjoying a slice of cheese and ham pie (brought along by Stormin') and a lemon cupcake (homemade by moi). Then I joined Cat for a bit of vintage rummaging and Wavey played in his much loved loft (beginning to worry he might be moving up there soon, he seems to heart it so...) The pottering continued this morning as we topped up our vitamin D levels and played out in the garden raking up huge piles of leaves:

Now I'm doing homework (and blogging, ahem) and Wavey has gone to the tip with many bags from the huge piles of leaves. In my car. Only slightly worried that my car will look like a tree...

The weekend will end with some yummy dinner (spinach and potato curry), perhaps a glass of vino or two, just for keeping warm purposes obviously, and a bit more quiet time before Wavey packs his bag and goes off again for another week in the land of badly dubbed tv and we start the countdown all over again.

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