Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bad hair days

We are only 12 days in to this month and I already know of three other people, and myself, who have suffered at the hands of their hairdresser. After a 1950s style housewife effort was done to mine I am still trying to make it go back to how it was but so far, no good. I don't know what my hairdresser did. I've been going to the same person for years and years but this time? Massive epic fail. Maybe she wanted to sabotage me now that I don't get my colour done with her, but in my defence m'lud, student-dom and no job means not that many pennies for the luxuries in life. Plus now I am in control of the colour myself it means I can buy natural dyes made with oils and plant extracts rather than harsh chemicals that I (finally!) realised were not helping my hair at all. 

But oh, the woe is still me over this bad cut.  I wonder how long it will take before my hair gets over it. It's been almost two weeks now, surely it has to settle soon? At this point I would embrace the mad bad frizz over this prim and proper any day! I'm mainly throwing it all up into the same old up-do each day to hide how awful it is *sobs* You know what got me the most? How much it cost for this bad do. I know that in real life terms £18 isn't all that much but when you don't have any money coming in it's like a fortune! And to throw it away on the Doris haircut? Nooooooo! 

It doesn't end there though does it? Now I feel like I can't trust my hairdresser again which means trying to find a new one. It's the hair equivalent of shopping for jeans... My hair is thick, barmy, voluminous, and not easy to control. It takes a brave hairdresser to tackle it and make it look good. In a way I'm chickening out big style as I'm growing my hair long again I think yeah, I can go for months without a cut, but I know this isn't true as it grows out and out and out before it grows down and needs to be tamed along the way. Arrrrggghhhh! I think there should be a law against bad haircuts and then you could sue for severe trauma! 

Pass me that headscarf/hat - I'm in hair hiding... 

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