Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Lazy / Potter

I gave myself a well earned day off today. I initially had plans to do some reading but somewhere along the way I decided to sack that in favour of a lazy/potter kind of day. 

  1. Watched the finale of Bates Motel in my dressing gown over breakfast
  2. Watched an episode of Alcatraz eating my lunch
  1. Was a dutiful housewife and put some washing on to hang out to dry in the (cold) sunshine
  2. Started my Christmas shopping with a quick visit into town and a couple of cheeky online purchases
  3. Baked some cereal bar out of my new Rachel Khoo book (love her!)
  4. Made some butternut squash and apple soup
  5. Made appointments with both the plasterer and the electrician in our continuing sorting out the house quest
Not too lazy, and just the right amount of potter. It has been a most pleasant day.

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