Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Reality bites

I knew going back to school wouldn't just be about attending lectures and enjoying student time off but I think reality has hit properly now. In upcoming lectures we find out about the ICA, in course assessment, as it's called these days. Me being me I had to have a look ahead to those slides, I figured it would be good to get a little bit ahead, start planning reading, etc. But oh holey moley, now I know what the assignment is all about and it's huge! And that's just one module, I have three of the suckers on the go at the same time. YIKES! 

My first reaction was panic.

My second reaction is still panic.

By three I'm feeling a little calmer and thinking that being organised and reading ahead is a good thing. Now I know what I'm aiming at and I can start doing some real reading, rather than just reading around stuff to teach myself a bit more. 

The first thing I should probably do is stop blogging and actually start reading. Off I go then, wish me luck...

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