Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Stepping out

Wavey, ever the one who worries about jobs and tasks, decided that today was the day to mend the fence. We've had several storms of very high winds that have bashed our garden around good and proper. Of course today is another day of high winds so it's the perfect time to fix the fence. Most of my task was basically hanging onto it for dear life and keeping it straight (you ever tried that when the wind is buffeting you from all directions? Tricky I tells ya!) oh and realising that we needed some longer screws. Our village is very well equipped with a fab little hardware shop that has screws of every kind you can desire in little tubs for very cheap prices. So I trek off down there. In my paint splattered jeans, paint splattered hoodie and muddy wellies...only a few folk looked at me as if to say WTF is she wearing. What's the problem? Garden chic is the look I was totally going for...

Anyhoo the fence is now fixed and I've risked pegging out some washing with double the number of pegs in the hope that it dries in the blustery winds (understatement). I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to keep an eye on the washing or our duvet cover and pillowcases will be flying through the air all the way to Oz. 

Still got a few more days left of the holidays, but Wavey has big plans for starting on my old house (a whole other blog story). Yawn, I just wanna be lazy but he's such a task master! I've no doubt we will set about doing all these jobs cos we just can't help ourselves...over and out.

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