Thursday, 29 December 2011

Down with the kids...

...cos we're so reem apparently. Well it was one of the cases that I considered for my new souped up chop shop crackberry. The old one was apparently completely booogered and so they've sent me a replacement. Except the one I had was red, a wee little redberry, and they've sent me a black one. But I had to keep the back of my old one so I'm half black, half red, and still with one of the berries missing. Not that this bothers me one jot, I'm so not precious about what my things look like, erm hello I carried a purse held together with a scruffy old hair bobble for about 2 years and I spend most of my life in shoes that have holes in them, nyeh.

But as Wavey has a black blackberry too we need to make them look different hence the seeking out of new cases. I did consider the reem one mainly because I had no idea what it actually meant and figured something that said "keep calm and stay reem" is so what I need to carry around in my bag. Or not. So I went for the one with big goggly eyes on it, heee!

It's exciting times to be back in the 21st century. Except that I can't quite figure out how to get facebook back on it, but I do have all my free chat back up and running. Woo hoo! I have been proper outraged that I've had to pay to talk to people, pay! I mean, say what?! So last century! 

Best of all is that the guy telling me to backup actually gave good advice as all my contacts were still inside the phone when I restored it. Big relief. Has been good to recognise who messages are from now rather than me asking, who are you and why are you texting me? 

It's been a reet busy old day in Dizz and Wavey land. We've been back at my old house a-glossing up a storm ready for the new year project. Hope you've all had good days :D

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