Saturday, 10 December 2011

On hold Saturday

It seems like I've spent most of today on hold on various telephones listening to many different varieties of awful muzak. Barf and double barf. And was I successful in my on hold ventures? Was I arse! I ended up giving up several times and even *hangs head in shame* had total petulant full on strop after waiting 15 minutes and getting nowhere, slammed the phone down once, which didn't feel satisfying enough so did it another 3 or 4 times all the while shouting and ranting and general ridiculousness like that. Totally proud of myself there...

I hasten to add that there wasn't anyone on the end of that line. Just a stupid automated voice that kept telling me my call really was important to them and if I just stayed on hold and spent several more pounds on their 0845 number...NO! Stop! Don't get started again. I don't want to throw anything else around. 

The rest of the day has flown by in a whirr of activity. We were up and about bright and early. I went and had my eyebrows ripped off whilst Wavey went and secured our Christmas turkey and bought some yummy sausage rolls for mid-morning snack. Then we went round to my old house and picked up post and did a bit more checking out and making mental lists of jobs. Then we dropped off post for someone else, then we went and collected various parcels, came home and demolished yummy sausage roll with a cup of magic coffee, next up we went to the Funky Rug Shop (great name, even greater shop) and bought, well, a funky rug for the horrid purple room as was (will be posting some after shots once it's fully finished), Wavey's been and helped out taking old bits of carpet to the tip, I've been to the supermarket and braved the teeming crowds at the till points and now I'm blogging. Sheesh! It's not even 4pm and look how much we've achieved. Surely a pat on the back is well deserved!

Oh and guess what? It's Fizz's birthday and I know I'm not supposed to say anything but yada yada boo is what I say. And this is what else I say:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIZZ, me old mucker. 

May your day be merry and happy and cake filled. MWAH! XxX

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