Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry merry

Santa's little elves spent 3 hours this morning experiencing a small lull in proceedings. Then they spent 1 hour rushing around like loons as everyone decided to panic that libraryland is going to be closed for the deeeeliciously long time of 11 and a half days. The extra half made all the difference as it meant that Santa's little elves could go to the pub, eat toasties with chips, and drink real ale amongst lovely friends. 

Santa's little elf left the pub to head to nasty cheapo "Foneshop" (has to be spelled like that) in order to purchase a cheap and nasty "fone" thus allowing the world to be in contact once again, yay! (the broken Crackberry has finally gone off to be repaired but I can't see it being back in the elf mitts until at least the new year). For one week I was without phone and it was surprisingly okay, until the last couple of days when I really needed to make contact with peeps and had no way of doing it other than horrible nasty public phone boxes that are: a) very tricky to find these days, b) smell like wee, and c) cost 60p just to dial a frickin number - WTF?! After experiencing partial meltdown yesterday I decided it was time to say enough of this nonsense, hence the trip to the "foneshop" A gal's gotta have her peeps, that's all I'm saying. 

Santa's little elf then went to the magic sausage shop to buy the very much required chippolata sausages that have to be wrapped in yummy bacon and charred til they are black, to go with the giant turkey that is now living in our fridge.

Finally Santa's little elf returned home to mucho jumping around for joy and full of merry merry festive spirit and anticipation of the next 11.5 days that don't involve work, alarms, public transport hell, battling with elbowing panic shoppers, and other general madness that is this time of year. Happy holidays y'all!

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