Thursday, 13 October 2011

Yuck barf eep and eek!

It's not the first time I've blogged about my fascinating (read god-awful) bus journeys and I'm sure it won't be the last but this past week has been like some kind of uber-hell for shocking bus experiences. As I'm a very kind person I thought I'd share them with you. 

First up, don't know what's going on or where all the people have come from, but what the eff? Over the summer the buses were blissfully empty, no rotten school kids, no uni students, no college peeps, hardly anyone in fact. But in the last 2 weeks it's like the people are just breeding and each bus journey the bus is more and more full. Of course the company never learns and considers putting on a double decker or better yet investing in those bendy buses that they have like everywhere else in the world. Oh no that would be too kind. Let's instead just CRAM the whole world of bus people into one teeny tiny tightly packed sardine tin. Oh happy days. 

Then let's throw in some horrible smelly boys who think it's totally okay to fart at will. And frequently so that the whole of the bus is almost gasping for breath in the toxic swill. 

Or let's cram so many people on so that the standing up peeps have nowhere to put their stuff so that Dizz gets rucksack in face all the way there...

...again the day after that one but this time a man's crotch in my face all the way there.

And speaking of the crotch area, it seems that some yack awful men seem to be confused and think that your hand holding on for dear life to the rail has been put there in life for them to blatantly rub themselves up against you as they go past *shudder shudder shudder*

And all this my friends was in just one week. I know of at least 2 other peeps I work with who have suffered similar fates and have had to email the bus company. This is seriously not on bus folk - what are you going to do about it?! I suggested at work that we all contribute some pennies and save up and buy our own bus. We can take it in turns to drive and pick everyone up on the way. It would be like every morning and every evening would be a work trip out. It'd be pretty awesome. If only *big sigh* 

There's one day left of the week which means one more bus journey (only one thank goodness as Wavey kindly picks me up from work every Friday evening like the fab blokey that he is). I can only wonder with horrified wonderment what that bus journey will bring...

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