Friday, 14 October 2011

Fit for superheroes

A while back I blogged about my latest shoe lust of a pair of red Nike hi-tops and how I was selling items in order to raise the funds to buy them...well after all that effort, turns out you can't get red ones anymore! And the only ones I've seen now are either black or grey (bor-ring), shiny (eep!), or like pimped up versions of them with all sorts of hideous neon colours. Ugh. So no shoes. Oh dear what is a girl to do...? 

Well first of all she can use some of the £69 I raised to buy some fancy dancy face moisturiser that cost rather a lot of money but is oh so lucious and makes my skin feel all yummy scrummy and is full of natural and organic ingredients. And then she can decide that if she can't have shoes, she can instead have a fabby new coat. A coat that is in the shape of a cape. A coat fit for superheroes! After much-o looking around to find a rather nice one, I spotted a lovely black cape coat this very evening and have just put my order in for it super speedy. Am very excited! 

I'm normally a get your hands on it straightaway type of gal but I've spent a while looking around for one of these coats cos I think the balance is tricky. Too much cape and you're in danger of looking like Batman or a fallback from the 70s and not in a good way. But this one I've picked is very laydee-like. I went for black, the safe option cos I wear a whole heap of bright colours everywhere else. It has a high collar and is double breasted and fastens with a belt. And is actually quite short, just falling nicely onto to the top of the hips (in the photos). Can't wait to get my hands on it now to model it and strut around in it to make sure it feels good, you know, that kind of thing. 

As I know this is actually coming and it's not just an image I found on the interwebby and will turn out to be unobtainable, I promise I shall post a piccie of me in said cape coat, strutting my stuff for the camera. Yippee! 

Happy weekend, lovelies!

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