Thursday, 6 October 2011

Floor dilemma

Wavey and I have a cream carpet in our living room which is pretty much a really silly idea when you hear that we are both the clumsiest people in the world. It was only a matter of time before something awful happened. A few weeks ago due to an unfortunate cup placing incident a whole cup of coffee was knocked over and despite many many efforts with carpet cleaners and hoovers the stain is still there. We have no other option than to replace the carpet.

It was always kind of in the plan to do that anyway as you walk straight into the house and into the living room. And dirt from the streets get dragged in, when it snows the grit that gets stuck to our boots leaves horrendous stains, we have a coal fire, we work a lot in the garden and often have muddy feet that we don't realise we're dragging through, we have grotbag kids over and sometimes dogs too...all in all, a cream carpet was never the best option to go for. Hey ho, you live and learn. 

But now we've got the dilemma. Taking all of the above into account, how do we choose the best type of flooring that will ensure we no longer have to worry about carpet stains and spend a fortune on carpet cleaning. I reckon it breaks down into a few choices:
*Replace this carpet with another carpet but a darker colour, with maybe a pattern and a different weave to allow for regular stains and not be so obvious
*Forget the idea of carpet altogether and consider some sort of wood flooring alternative, but then it leaves us with the decision of laminate over real wood, or engineered laminate or wood equivalent...
*Turn the floor into another garden but indoors, lay a bit of lawn - would deffo save on hoovering time and could certainly prove a talking point
*Go way out there and build a porch so we can wipe our feet before we come in!  

And so I'm throwing it out there and pleading for help. What should we do folks? We've already moved the rug to cover the coffee stain but it has to be sorted out sooner rather than later. Any other suggestions that would save us some pennies? Go on, help a gal out... 


Anonymous said...

If you get wood - i'd say real wood in an old house - but we've got all that laminite and it's a nightmare - so cold feeling - my suggestion would be to get a dark brown heavy duty carpet in the area in front of your door, kind of like having a heavy duty door mat - but fitted like a carpet, then you could get a more softer carpet in a similar colour for the rest of the living room - jugsy and joe have done that and it does stop wet and mucky feet - but as its fitted can be washed and hoovered.


jillybean said...

I agree with Rach, laminate is super cold, I couldn't go back to it, but then having a hall or porch is on our deal breaker list, cos we have cream carpets in our rented we're a shoes off house to prevent the trapesing in of dirt but a hall makes it a lot easier to do. The fitted mat option does sound like the best option to me.
Jill x

Librarian Girl said...

Nordic Boy would kill me if I didn't speak up for wood floor or laminate. All you have to do is make sure your subfloor is insulated well. Our floors are quite toasty.