Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Professor Wavey and the curious puzzles

Wavey and I have been playing Professor Layton on my wee DS, it's a great little game it really is. Puzzles round every corner and hint coins coming out of barrels and things to collect and build, it's lots of fun. But I can't help but chuckle, Wavey's brain is a really logical and maths type brain and so each time we get a puzzle along those lines he goes off into these complicated formulas and equations that involve mucho multiplication and sometimes long division and turning the DS round to see what it looks like from a different angle...I told him yesterday as he started wondering about binary on one puzzle that the game was designed for like 7 year olds so it really can't be that complicated. His reply:

"...there's no way in a whole million years that this game is for 7 year olds"

Me: (in teasing manner) "A whole million years?"

Him: (looking wee bit embarrassed) "Well yeah"

Chuckle. It must be strange having a brain like that. My maths and logic bit of my brain is definitely the worst and so I often sit back in amazement as he launches into this complicated mental arithmetic that totally baffles me. Obviously (she says in totally slushy moment) we are just right for each other as we both have different sides of the brain that are stronger and between us both we have a MIGHTY brain that solves the 60 picarat puzzles first time. Yay! Go team! :D

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