Friday, 5 August 2011

Festie weekend take 2!

Except this time it's in our lovely fair town so there's no camping to be done, we can watch all the good bands and come home to our lovely cosy quiet beds, yippeee!

This weekend's extravaganza promises:
Seasick Steve!
Young Rebel Set!
Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis!
Maximo Park!

And all for the bargainous price of £25, woohoo! (I am so going over the top with the exclamation marks and I don't care!)

This weekend also promises a visit to where my dad works for some 1940s nostalgia in the shape of cars, fashion, airplanes and all sorts of other delights. I'd say look out for the photos but Larry is still poorly...

...but the great news is that he stayed alive long enough for me to rescue my itunes, yippeee *happiest jig of jiggiest joy*

Happy weekend one and all. May it be awesome :O)

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