Thursday, 18 August 2011

Grim fascination

First up: I'm ill. Stuck at home with some crappy headachey virus that I've been trying to fight off for a week. Last night I felt even more crappy than usual and my ears were aching which was making me dizzy...time to give in and stay off work.

Second up: I'm bored stiff. It's been less than a day and I'm just soooo bored. Clearly, despite all protestations otherwise, Dizz is meant to be a worker bee.

And so I'm surfing. Looking for something that I fear I may never find. It's T's 30th birthday and for this fancy dancy occasion we're off to the Races. I've been to the races before and absolutely loved it! But this is Ladies Day at the races which means posh dresses and hats. I've found not one but two dresses (I'm inclined towards the purple as the choice for the day so far) and now I need me a hat. Or equivalent. If I go for the purple then I'm thinking red accessories as I like to both colour pop and clash with style, as you well know.

Hats and me? Not so sure. I can rock a trilby, and I can definitely rock an ear warmer thingie and various baker boy caps, but actual posh hats? I've never really tried and I've got me a whole lot of hair going on - often these things don't sit right. And so to the fascinators. Do they have to have dead birds on them? All that feather stuff scares the crap out of me. And all the other ones I like are really expensive, like more expensive than the 2 dresses put together! And so I'm flummoxed people. What do I do? Do I try a posh hat (cos I know a place where I can rent one) but risk feeling uncomfortable and a bit silly all day? Or do I get a bird and sit it on my head feeling even more weird and worrying that the plastic comb holding it all together will surely snap any moment in my, let's be honest here, natural birds nest hair? Tis a tricky one folks. Any thoughts? Words of comfort? Anything...?


Anonymous said...

Hi Hope you feel better soon. How about a miniature top hat to style up your self

T said...

You don't have to wear a hat or fascinator if you don't want to...but a mini top hat would be cool. Or you could make something that doesn't have dead birds on it...
I'm not sure how long my hat will last...I have a feeling I will get annoyed with it quite early on!