Sunday, 21 August 2011

Potter vs potter

Finally starting to feel more human and more like Dizz once again, yippee! This means I can go back to work tomorrow...I want to yippee but I know within 5 minutes I'll be wishing I was back at home again.

Not only did I miss a leaving do for one of my favourite peeps at work, I also missed a camping trip with my one of my bestest friends ever and her little family. Gutted doesn't even cover it really, but no use crying over spilt milk. I couldn't help being poorly, bad timing. And there'll always be more visits from folks. Sadly there won't be any more leaving parties but I do have a wee giftie and will see the leaving presentation and get a chance to say my own goodbye to my work peep.

This weekend then was a kinda take it easy kind of weekend. A few jobs were done and a lot of resting and lying around was done. Wavey calls this kind of weekend a pottering weekend. It was also a Potter-ing weekend for me as I have now finished number 5 in my Harry Potter marathon as of this morning. I only have up to number 5 in my groaning bookshelves so had to text Fizz immediately to say that I needed number 6 and number 7 and could I come around and get them immediately. She was out buying grout (as you do) so I had to sit very patiently and wait for the text. As soon as said text came I was off round there like a shot to pick up my fix :O) I now have number 6 in my grubby paws and have just read the first few pages waiting for Lenny the laptop to load up. Oh! It's so great reading them all again! I've only read the last 3 once as number 5 was so beefy I couldn't bring myself to carry it round in my handbag, and as I don't own 6 and 7 and had to borrow them...suffice to say I am very happy in my HP marathon and will be very sad when it's over. Maybe I'll just have to start all over again! The end of 7 will mean viewing the film again, yay!

In other exciting news, our one grubby potato that we planted in a grow bag and ignored for 3 months has produced a whopping 17 yummy looking potatoes! And I spent a lot of time re-potting (there it is again!) in the greenhouse as all the chilli plants are now getting little flowers on them ready to burst out with cayenne peppers and "patio sizzlers" - yowser! Wavey and I are very happy with progress in year 2 of the growing our own. So far this year we've enjoyed carrots (still ongoing), onions (still in the veggie box being enjoyed), sugar snap peas (all gone now), strawberries (good supply but not as good as last year, probably drowned by all the rain), the potatoes from today, cucumbers, courgettes, tomatoes, hopefully some peppers, we have an aubergine plant too, and lots of chillis...not forgetting the turnips that are nestled in their earth ready to eat later on in the year, leeks, and a pumpkin that is looking promising. Each year we learn more and more. Next year we have plans for amending the patch to have 4 raised beds and more greenhouse so exciting!

Pottering of any variety - ace!

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