Friday, 10 June 2011

Naked face!

I blogged recently about my crush being crushed by the optician. Well today I returned again but this time to get contact lenses again. I wore contact from 16-26 and then decided to go to glasses after lots of problems and eye infections. Fast forward 10 years, changes in technology, an urge to add funky sunglasses to my many accessories, and here I am. Naked of face. It's very strange. After 10 years of glasses it's very odd not to have that protective barrier over my eyes. I came out of the opticians still wearing them and it started raining and a splash went right in my eye! I nearly leapt out of my skin, so not used to that! Anyhoo, here's a piccie of me with naked face (and very bad roots, cannot wait to go to hairdressers tomorrow):

And of course being the fashion-ista that I am I instantly went and picked some fabby sunglasses for my hols:

And so to be completely vain. From 16-26 the bags under my eyes were probably there but not as bad as now. Or is it just that I'm so used to my glasses covering that kind of thing that my whole bare naked face is just alarming! Avoid magnifying mirrors methinks. What do you reckon, do I need to invest in some Touche Eclat or can I carry on wearing the cheap 5 quid stuff that seemed to do the job when I was wearing glasses?

And poor Wavey! Not only did he have to adjust to me switching my glasses from red to black, now he has a bare naked face girlfriend! He's slow to adjust to change...but so far so good...