Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bonne vacances!

It truly is the 21st century my good friends when you find yourself on holiday with a laptop. In our defence we brought it for booking up hotels and checking routes etc, but I couldn't resist a sneaky peak onto the blog only to find that no-one has blogged *sad face* Bugger that thought I. I may be on my jolliest holidays but that doesn't mean I can't share this time with the world.

So we're in France, in a Provence village called Bonnieux. We're staying in a twisty huge old house that dates back to the 14th century. It's utterly amazing, and we have the most breathtaking view that photos do not even do justice. Seriously right now I'm watching the sunset over the Luberon valley and it is something very special indeed.

We're having an utterly fabulous time. We're so relaxed we're practically horizontal, we keep trotting out on adventures to all these really high up places that literally make you feel like you own the world:

Today we explored round an old quarry that was called Colorado Provencal, so amazing. Red, orange, yellow, white sand, green trees, beautiful. Then we went to a tiny village called Saignon and climbed up yet more steps (thighs of steel) and literally had a 360 degree view of all of this stunning part of France. Tomorrow we're hiring bikes and probably climbing more hills (buns of steel!) to see Lacoste and its famous castle.

A bonne vacances indeedy my friends. Salut!

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