Monday, 3 May 2010


One of the plans for the big garden was to move the greenhouse as it's currently residing under shade of a very large tree. Wavey decided yesterday was the day to start. He removed one pane of glass, started on the second and happened to glance down...good job he did too as a bird has decided to build a nest in there! Yesterday there were 2 eggs and we were really worried that we'd disturbed the nest, but we've just been down there showing off our garden to visiting parents, and another egg has been laid! So exciting! Baby birds!

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jillybean said...

Depending on how the garden faces and also how hot it is this summer you might not need to move the green house much - my dad had to move his to inbetween the garage and the shed to reduce the amount of sunlight getting in and heat too as he kept on loosing some of his plants (veg and flowers) through scorching