Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A new Jerusalem

These are the very words that Jon Snow has just used to describe the political situation as of minutes ago when Gordon Brown resigned as PM, and headed to the Palace to ask the Queen to invite David Cameron to form a government.

The last few days have seemed endless. Waking up on Friday to find that we had a hung Parliament. The nail biting live feed that I had up at work all day, watching with a sinking feeling as the blues forged forward and the reds lagged behind. Then days of nothing. Back and forth, back and forth. Would it be Conservative-Liberal, would it be Lib-Lab? Well I got my answer minutes ago.

It was actually a bit spine-tingling to be just happily watching the news to see the daily back and forth, then for them to suddenly cut off what they were saying, head to the lectern outside no. 10 and watch live as Gordon Brown made his farewell speech. Watching history happen essentially. It was a very moving speech. I've never been a great fan of the man, right from the get-go, but it was a very worthy farewell. I even welled up a bit when he brought out his two little boys who are just such cuties and he looked so proud. I've already stolen Jon Snow's words for the title of the post, so now I'll steal Cat's word, dignified. Sums it up rather well I reckon.

What now I wonder? David Cameron as Prime Minister, a Conservative-Liberal coalition, what is going to happen to old Blighty now?

I have to go back to the news now. I'm completely hooked, last time I was this gripped by the news was during the Gulf War. But it's kind of awesome, to be around and watch history unfurl itself. Laters

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