Sunday, 14 March 2010

Vegetables rule okay!

Some people might find this incredibly sad but I am thrilled that Wavey has given me a part of the garden in which to grow my own veg! I've never done this properly before so I'm very excited. We eat loads of veg and I think it'll be brilliant to be able to pull up some spuds from the garden, add them to a salad in the summer and say, yep I grew that!

First things first, the patch had to be chosen. And then prepared, cos it had loads of other plants in it. Work began yesterday. Wavey dug up the plants and re-planted them somewhere else, and today I set to work with a spade and a rake. Tis bloody hard work digging! Who needs the gym when you have a plot of land that needs digging. But by the time I'd finished, all the evil roots were gone, and what was left was a lovely plot of earth ready to do its magic. Photo-wise it's hardly going to be the most exciting, but to me - I think it's simply beautiful!

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Librarian Girl said...

As someone whose yard needs lots of love, I concur that that photo is gorgeous.