Sunday, 7 March 2010

The good life

Well hasn't it been a lovely weekend? Yesterday was just fabby, I met with all of my girls in R's new house to eat cake, drink tea, have a good gossip and set the world to rights, as only we know how. Last night, Fizz, Wavey and I went the fillums to watch "From Paris with Love" - just my kinda film. John Travolta being mad, loads of shooting, loads of explosions, car chases, royales with cheese...seriously what more do you need from a film? Grrrrrrreat!

And today? Well I admit we started off very slowly and it was probably around noon when we decided that we really should get out of bed and do all the many tasks we had to do. But once we'd started - wow! There was no stopping us! Wavey started off with the house stuff whilst I cooked up a storm. Many veg soup for lunch, once that was cooking onto the bolognese sauce for the lasagne, once that was done onto the oat biscuits. Once at the oat biscuits I found something out. I really can't just follow a recipe. I don't know what it is, I see the ingredients, I do what they tell me to do, and then I think hmmm I'll just add that and see what it tastes was a classic example. The recipe called for nothing more than oats, muscovado sugar, 1 egg and a few tablespoons of oil, mix well and roll into balls. But being me I thought, I reckon a couple of teaspoons of honey in there would work a treat as well. I'm pleased to report said honey did indeedy work very well. Yummy! And now that I know I can make my very own HobNobs, oh, this could be dangerous!

Oh did I mention that the sun was shining? And the wind was blowing nicely? So we could finally hang out some washing to dry outside, oh the joy! I'm so sick of having laundry in every room or thrown onto radiators. Grrrrrr. So I was very happy to see the perfect clothes drying conditions. So there was lots of them out too. By this time I'd joined Wavey in the housey tasks that must be done when you're a home owner, unless of course you want to be a total scunner and live in filth.

Once we'd completed all that we headed out to the front garden and dragged up all the brown stuff that got seriously squished by the heavy snow. Then we gave it a good digging/hoe-ing over, pulled up some weeds, chopped down some awful dead twigs that were posing as something alive on a trellis, got rid of the trellis while we were there cos it was butt ugly and we have some nicely painted blue to go up there, and plans are afoot to grow honeysuckle up it, oooh it'll be just lovely to come home to that scent in the summer. Bagged everything up, swept up and headed indoors.

This time dinner, yum-a-licious. Yummy homemade lasagne served up with some crusty ciabatta bread. While we were waiting for dinner we did a bit of old fashioned slow dancing and smooching to the lovely Melody Gardot, then we sat ourselves down with a well deserved drink and enjoyed our tasty tea. The mini Magnum just topped it off perfectly I think. I know I crack on about always wanting weekends to last forever, but when they pass in such a delightful way, can you really blame me...?

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